Blackman & Holberton is passionate about sustainability and is eager to share proven green practices for a successful move. Blackman & Holberton is a certified GREEN business, certified by the City of Santa Monica.  During the move planning process, Blackman & Holberton will suggest numerous good environmental move planning concepts and policies.

Moving Crates:
We support the use of the sustainable recycled plastic crates instead of cardboard boxes. Crates save trees, improve the carbon footprint and save money.  We estimate that by using crates instead of cardboard boxes for a move of 200 people, you can save approximately 50 trees.  Consider this, 9% of the average urban dump consists of cardboard boxes.  Crates also improve the packing footprint for each truckload.  Fewer truck trips means less carbon emissions into the air and better overall productivity.

3-R Program:
Before your move, we can help guide your company through important paper and resource downsizing efforts.  We will recommend a series of criteria and action steps for each classification of documentation and / or resource.  We believe in maintaining on-site only what is necessary for your business.  We stress the importance of reducing by recycling and reusing where appropriate.  We also support the implementation of electronic alternatives.

eCycling is essential in order to keep harmful, toxic material out of our landfills.  We can help your company identify e-Cycling needs and set data-wiping specifications.  Blackman & Holberton will provide the right resource to safely and securely dispose of your electronic equipment.

Obsolete Furniture and Equipment:
Ones trash is another’s treasure.  Finding the right partner for your unwanted furniture and equipment is financially and ecologically smart. We will recommend the right dealer, operator, school or not-for-profit that that will give your furniture and equipment a second life.