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The foundation of the move planning process is the move planning meetings. We meet regularly with the Move Team, decision-makers and global service providers as well as Move Captains, representatives of each business unit. We manage these meetings from start to finish. Critical tasks involved are creating agendas, fostering and facilitating dialog, imparting expertise, providing notes and tracking follow-ups.




At the inception of all projects we help establish the project scope, set timetables and identify critical tasks. These tasks and timetables are then set into a Responsibility Matrix. We also develop a Master Resource List so that everyone working on the project knows whom the players are and how to get in touch with them.




Mapping is the process of determining who and what is moving and to where it is moving. Significant time and attention is spent in the discovery phase. 3-R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) programs are incorporated to make sure files and materials are appropriately downsized where applicable. Finally all belongings and equipment are mapped to their final destination.


Blackman & Holberton documents each staff and their belongings, all ITS equipment, all file cabinets and all storage and common rooms to ensure thorough planning prior to the move and to verify proper delivery during the move.



Blackman & Holberton is the key point of contact for all vendor information and communication. First we help you determine what potential vendors are needed to complete your move team. We will develop a Request for Proposal (RFP) for all relocation services needed and propose proven industry leaders for each service needed. Blackman & Holberton will conduct job-walks, analyze all proposals and make selection recommendations.


Once additional vendors are hired and join the move team, Blackman & Holberton serves as the principal interface for communication and scheduling.




Throughout your move process Blackman & Holberton will guide all move-related communications, both internal and external. It is our job to facilitate interactive communication and to manage overall energy and goodwill to reduce stress and encourage adjustment.


We help create comprehensive, personalized relocation manuals for each move. Additional internal and external information tools (eg. Newsletters, Change of Address Notices, Welcome Packets) may also be needed to facilitate change management.


We converse with origin and destination building management(s) to comply with building parameters for the move windows and post move vacating of the building when necessary.


Accurate documentation is fundamental to a successful move. Blackman & Holberton uses proven tools to streamline vital information for clear delivery.



Key to a successful move is ensuring that all of the players are following a clear schedule and responding quickly when changes are needed.


Blackman & Holberton will craft a Migration Schedule that details all the move activities for your entire move window. The Migration Schedule has a clear sequencing order and accountability component.


It is our job to communicate this schedule to all parties involved in the move.



Blackman & Holberton personnel are staffed at both the origin and destination buildings throughout the entire move window. The Site Supervisors achieve clearly stated project goals by assuring compliance to the Migration Schedule, effectively communicating with all of the move team vendors and troubleshooting when, and if, necessary.




Our job is not done when the physical move is complete. The post move process is critical to ensuring a smooth transition into new office space.


Blackman & Holberton staffs on-site issue management for employees during their first day in their new seat. During this time, we implement help desk and fine-tune procedures to expedite and resolve issues arising after the move.